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    NO BAD DAYS®  Decal - Pale Peach Bubble

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      NO BAD DAYS® Decal - Pale Peach Bubble


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      SIZE : Approximately  2.75" high by 3.5" wide

      You've seen them everywhere, water bottle, cars, motorcycles, yachts . . . these decals will stick to just about any flat surface! We've even seen one on a dump truck. These No Bad Days Decals are color printed and computer cut out of vinyl made to last five years out in the sun and longer indoors. They are vibrantly colorful so they really pop out at you when applied to the rear window of your car [ or anything with a contrasting color ie. white decal on a black refrigerator, dark blue decal on a white fridge . . . you get the picture. ] Some great places to put your new decal : any car window, tackle box, sliding glass doors, anywhere on your boat, bike, ATV, toyhauler, work truck, or kid's wagon. You can put them on your boss's computer office door or if they'd prefer, their "reserved for" parking sign. They look great on any part of the body, although they only stay stuck for about an hour. Use your imagination, I think you'll agree, everything looks better with a "No Bad Days" decal on it.