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    NO BAD DAYS® License Plate Frame - Chrome

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      NO BAD DAYS® License Plate Frame - Chrome


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      We searched for a long time for a supplier for our new license plate frames. Well, by chance, we found one less than a mile from the office. Our new NBD license plate frames are of a heavy cast solid construction that is then chromed. They will never rust and are guaranteed for five years. The No Bad Days logo is then CNC Engraved and hand painted with UV rated enamel. These frames are perfect and will enhance the look of any car, truck, RV, trailer, etc. that you put it on. Since I put one on my Chevy pick-up, the one with 150.000 miles, 22 dings and dents, a cracked windshield, missing right mirror, balding tires and 2 bullet holes in the tailgate - girls follow me for miles. . . Right up until they see the two baby carseats in my truck and the wedding band on my ring finger. OK, I made up the girls and the bullet holes, but cops do always let me off with a warning because of that license plate frame. In all seriousness, you will love this new license plate frame. It even comes with decorative fastener covers. Did I mention they are of the highest quality I have ever seen ??!!

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